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8 most have Essential accessories every PC gamer should own

The argument of which is the best platform for gamers is one argument that wouldn’t have a winner. This is because both the PC and Console have their benefits and preferences when it comes to individual specifications and interests.

For example, the console basically comes with a complete package that only needs a little addition. While the PC needs so many tunings and accessories that should be bought for you to enjoy your gaming experience (this is a story for another time). PC has so many benefits when it comes to playing games and PC gamers would agree with me when I say that without certain accessories, your gaming experience wouldn’t be nice, especially if you are trying to transition from playing games on the console. We’ve taken the time to compile a list of essential accessories every potential and current PC gamer should own to help improve their gaming experience.


Before we get into the lists, it’s important to point out that there are some components that are very important before you can start adding accessories. I mean, what is the essence of placing a 1977 Volkswagen Beetle engine in the carcass of a Lambo, it doesn’t make sense, right? So therefore you should ensure that your gaming rig has the following.

  • Adequate storage and RAM
  • Collection of PC games
  • Powerful graphics card

Now that that is out of the way, we’ll commence with the important accessories.

High resolution monitor

I for one prefer to play my games at their highest graphic resolution, but I can only do so because I had to get myself a monitor with high screen resolution. Now I don’t have to reduce the graphics of the games I play. Getting yourself a 4k resolution monitor is just perfect for you, however, you can get yourself a 2560x1440p screen resolution if you can’t afford a 4k monitor. Also, ensure that the refresh rate/hertz is nothing less than 60Hz. A good example available on Amazon is the Sceptre35-inch curved ultrawide.


Getting a mouse most of the time usually depends on individual preferences. This is because it is important that you get one that makes you comfortable while playing. For example, some people like their mouse a bit lighter because it helps them move it easily, while some like theirs to have a little weight. You also need to consider your hand size so you don’t get a mouse that’s smaller than it should be. Apart from that, you’ll need to decide if you want an optical or laser type of mouse. If you decide to pick an optical mouse then you have to get a soft mouse pad, while to get a laser mouse you should get a hard-surfaced mouse pad. A good mouse pick is the Logitech HERO


Communicating while playing your game is important especially when you are on the Battlefield playing multiplayer online with friends or strangers, this is why it’s important that you get yourself a high-quality headphone or headset which comes with quality audio output. There are various headphones/headset choices to pick from one of which is the SteelSeries artis pro head to amazon or other gaming stores to purchase yours.

Gaming controller:  

There are some games that are better played with a gaming pad rather than a keyboard or mouse. Paying for football, VR, and racing games might require a gaming controller. This is why it might be important to get a controller. You can either get yourself an Xbox controller, a Dualshock 4, or one of the various third-party game controllers.

Backlit mechanical keyboard:

A gaming workstation isn’t complete without a keyboard. Getting just any keyboard is easy, but getting the right time of the keyboard might prove to be an issue. When deciding to get a keyboard, it’s important to get a keyboard that comes with a backlight. There are various kinds and your preference will determine which to get. There’s the full standard keyboard and there are keyboards that are made specifically for one hand. A good example of a standard keyboard is the mechanical gaming keyboard made by SteelSeries Artis Pro. At $194.96 plus shipping fee (as at when writing this article) you enjoy the following functionality.

  • RGB illumination customization
  • Magnetic wrist rest
  • OLED smart display
  • Omnipoint adjustable switches

Gaming chairs:

One this that is very common with all gamers is the long hour gaming sessions. To ensure that you don’t get back pains every time you go on your marathon gaming session is get a gaming chair that is very comfy. Gaming chairs are of different prices and are available on/in the various platforms and stores that sell gaming accessories but one of the affordable gaming chairs on Amazon is the OFM leather gaming chair.

Wi-Fi router:

Online games require that you remain on a strong internet connection. This is where the need for a Wi-Fi router comes in. Ideally, your computer should be connected to the internet through Ethernet but that might not be possible especially if you have kids or pets living with you since there is the need to hide wires from there thus the need for Wi-Fi. To get a prioritized bandwidth that gives you a stabilized Wi-Fi connection over a wide range, then the likes of ASUS ROG Rapture Wi-Fi router should be on your list of accessories to buy.

Electric duster:

To clean out your PC an electric duster that serves as a good alternative to the regular gas duster is important. Electric dusters like those from EasyGoProducts is a good addition to your accessory collection.

Other notable mentions include

  • Screwdriver set
  • Blue light reduction glasses
  • Cable clips
  • Mic and stereo speakers
  • Virtual reality system
  • Monitor stand

Setting up a complete and standard gaming rig might seem expensive, but having a priority list and getting them one by one would do you a whole lot of good to enjoy your gaming experience on the PC.

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