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Best PC Controllers In 2023

While many PC games are best played with a mouse and keyboard, plenty are designed with a traditional controller in mind. It’s also a bit more comfortable to recline in your gaming chair and kick back with a controller, giving you an easier way to unwind with your favorite games. In 2023, there really is no shortage of PC controller options, largely because almost every controller designed for specific consoles also has built-in PC support. Essentially, PC users have their pick of the best controllers across all platforms. We’ve rounded up the best PC controllers in 2023.

Due to the plethora of possibilities, picking a PC controller can be somewhat challenging. Of course, if you own a console or two, you probably already have a great controller that will work well on PC. That said, you may want something with more features than the standard Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch controllers. PC users typically have more control over their gaming experience in general, so it makes sense to want a versatile PC controller.

From pro-style controllers to retro gamepads and modular designs, here are the 10 best PC controllers in 2023. For more controller recommendations, check out our roundups of the best PS5 controllers and best Switch controllers.

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