Chainsaw Man Manga Box Set On Sale At Amazon Ahead Of Next Week’s Release

One of the hottest anime series of recent memory has easily been Chainsaw Man, and if you’re not content to wait what will likely be a few years for the next season to be broadcast, then it’s time to check out the manga series source material. Over on Amazon, preorders are now live for the Chainsaw Man manga box set ahead of its release on September 26, which collects all 11 volumes of the first Chainsaw Man series. This collection has been discounted from $100 to $90. If you place your order now, you’ll receive the lowest price offered until release.

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Chainsaw Man Box Set

These graphic novels all come in a very attractive box that features the main trio of Denji, Power, and Aki, as well as an exclusive double-sided full-color poster. Written and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Chainsaw Man isn’t for the faint-hearted. The broad strokes of the series is that it focuses on Denji, a small-time devil hunter forced to pay off an inherited debt by exterminating deadly demons. After an incident results in Denji being hacked into pieces by zombies and revived by his pet devil Pochita, Denji becomes Chainsaw Man, a dense-as-bricks government agent who has the power to rip and tear through anything in his way.

There are obviously more layers to the story, and for anime fans, the series roughly covers the first five volumes of the manga. Things are only going to get more gruesome and heartbreaking from this point. These manga volumes are obviously not suitable for children, as they contain intense scenes of violence, existential crises, and other adult-themed content.

All 11 volumes in this box set cover the Public Safety arc of Chainsaw Man, and currently, the School arc has two English-translated volumes coming out soon that can be purchased separately for $11 each:

Chainsaw Man Public Safety arc

Chainsaw Man Vol. 1Chainsaw Man Vol. 2Chainsaw Man Vol. 3Chainsaw Man Vol. 4Chainsaw Man Vol. 5Chainsaw Man Vol. 6Chainsaw Man Vol. 7Chainsaw Man Vol. 8Chainsaw Man Vol. 9Chainsaw Man Vol. 10Chainsaw Man Vol. 11

Chainsaw Man School arc:

Chainsaw Man Vol. 12Chainsaw Man Vol. 13

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