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CoD: Warzone 2 And Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded Patch Notes Include Weapon Balancing And Major QoL Updates

Season 2 Reloaded is live for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. The mid-season update adds Himmelmatt Expo as a standard 6v6 map, three new game modes, and a new Raid episode to multiplayer. In addition to new mid-season content, the patch notes for the big update reveal plenty of weapon tuning and quality-of-life updates.

For weapon balancing, three popular light machine guns were nerfed. The Sakin MG38 now has reduced damage range, the RPK has reduced walking speed and muzzle velocity, and the RAAL MG was hit with nerfs to damage range, headshot damage, and upper torso damage.

Season 2’s overpowered KV Broadside shotgun was also nerfed. The damage ranges were reduced for both the 12 Gauge and Dragon’s Breath ammo types. The update also reduced the gun’s lower torso damage. Additionally, some of the underpowered submachine guns received buffs to damage ranges, including the BAS-p and VEL 46.

On the competitive side, the patch notes also address a few new restrictions to Ranked Play, as the Kastov 762 assault rifle and all weapon tuning are now restricted for the mode.

While lacking on new content for battle royale, the Season 2 Reloaded update does include several major quality-of-life updates for Warzone 2. Armor plates are now automatically looted, if a player has room in their inventory to carry additional plates. The HUD now tells players how many seconds are left before they can call in a killstreak, and the ping system is updated to improve the readability of the navigation pings on the Tacmap and Mini-Map. Additionally, the overpowered bomb drone has been removed while the developer works to balance the equipment.

AI enemies are still found on Al Mazrah, but they’ve been removed from the Ashika Island Resurgence modes. Buy Stations were also adjusted on the island, so the stores should be more evenly spread out on the map.

On the DMZ side, players will no longer be required to equip a Building 21 keycard to access the area. At least one player in a squad must have a Building 21 Access Card in their Inventory to allow access, but it no longer needs to be equipped to their loadout prior to entering. AI enemies in DMZ received a few changes. They now have a small chance to drop upgraded weapons upon death, and they can drive up in various vehicle types, instead of being limited to just the armored truck.

The full weapon balancing and patch notes details can be found below, as shared by Activision’s blog post.


New Path of the Ronin Challenges

Forge a new path with all new challenges to unlock new camos, including Winds of Ash. Complete all ten challenges to earn another new camo for every weapon — Bowing Blossoms — as well as a golden Charm that represents your dedication to following the Path of the Ronin.

Saint Patrick’s Day

You never know what you might find at the end of the rainbow… but you’ve got “one-shot” to find out if luck is on your side in Al Mazrah!


Atomgrad Episode 02 New!

Reminder: play Episode 01 first to avoid spoilers!

We find Price, Gaz and Farah where we left them at the end of Episode 01 – and Atomgrad’s story will pick-up there…

Complete Raid Episode 02 to unlock the “Bad Boonie” Operator Skin for Captain Price, and check out the new Raid Bundle for even more of the Captain’s looks. This bundle also includes the fastest way to level up your kits for success in the Raid.

No Assignment Necessary

As part of the Season 02 Reloaded update, anyone who owns Modern Warfare II will be able to access Raid Episode 01 and Raid Episode 02. There is no Raid Assignment required for access to this tactical team-based experience that continues the story of Task Force 141.

Need a Squad?

Don’t forget to use the Party Finder feature in the Lobby if you need teammates for the Raid.


New Weapons

Tempus Torrent: Marksman RifleThis hard-hitting DMR from the Tempus Armament offers the versatility of the M4 Platform and the velocity and impact of 7.62 rounds. A patient hand and keen eye will result in on-target shots and quick kills.Can be acquired via Weapon Challenge or Store Bundle.

Weapon Balancing

» Assault Rifles «

STB 556Added minimum damage against Armor (limits bullets to kill at furthest range)

» Light Machine Guns «

RAAL MGReduced far range damageSmall increase to close range damageReduced headshot damageReduced upper torso damageIncreased recoilRPKReduced walking speedReduced muzzle velocitySakin MG38Reduced damage range

» Marksman Rifles «

CrossbowIncreased time period to trigger double kills for challenges

» Submachine Guns «

MX9Increased mid damage rangesBAS-p Increased sprint to fire timeIncreased damage rangesPDSW 528Slightly offset weapon while ADS using iron sights to improve visibilityVel 46Increased close damage rangesFixed attributes on 30 round magazine to improve handling and mobilityLachmann SubReduced movement speedReduced aim down sight speedImproved recoil controlLM Nebula Barrel Improved damage rangeImproved recoil control

» Shotguns «

KV BroadsideReduced lower torso damage12 Gauge Ammo Reduced damage rangesReduced close range damageDragon’s Breath Ammo Reduced damage rangesReduced close range damageGlobal reduction to 12 gauge Dragon’s Breath maximum residual damageBryson 800 and Bryson 890Increased headshot damage on all slugtype ammoAdded minimum damage against armor


» Global «

FlinchReduced recenter speed for FlinchMinor increase to Flinch on ARs, SMGs, LMGs, and Shotguns

» Ammunition «

Hollow Point RoundsRemoved bullet velocity penaltyFrangible RoundsChanged healing delay timer to set from last bullet’s impact (lengthens the overall delay on a Player)Removed damage range penaltyOverpressure RoundsRemoved recoil penaltyIncreased flinch imparted on Players12 Gauge Dragon’s BreathReduced residual damage while burning12 Gauge Slugs and HE SlugsAdded minimum damage against armor

» Underbarrel Launchers «

Removed movement penalty from Grenade LaunchersAdded recoil control bonus to Underbarrel Grenade and Shotgun LaunchersAdded one extra ammunition stock to Grenade Launchers

» Stocks «

Reduced flinch received on no stock modifications

» Bipod Grips «

Reduced ADS penalty for the Bipod V9 gripCORE BP2 Bipod Grip: Fixed bug in stat reportingAdded hip recoil controlReduced hip walking speedRemoved ADS penaltyAdded grip to compatible LMGs and Marksman Rifles

» Underbarrel Grips «

Reduced ADS penalty on all under barrel gripsReduced movement speed penalty for all vertical grips

» Muzzle Attachments «

BreachersGreatly reduced ADS penaltyAdded hip movement speed buffFlash HidersReduced ADS penalty

» Optics «

Reduced ADS penalty on holo opticsRemoved movement penalties on holo opticsReduced ADSand movement penalties from all thermal, hybrid, and variable zoom opticsReduced ADS penalty on shotgun scopes

» Comb Attachments «

Fixed Handling stat UI on: Shlager TTF3 RiserFSS Ammo SleevePD-A40 SleeveWingman CombFSS EL-T Pouch

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where equipping some attachments to the KV Broadside shotgun would cause Players to not be able to Infil into DMZFixed Heartbreaker Crossbow Blueprint’s reticle appearance in KillcamsFixed an issue that prevented Crossbow bolts from penetrating water


Frag GrenadeDamage against armor increasedClaymoreDamage against armor increasedSemtexDamage against armor increased


Submix fixes that were affecting enemy footstep volumeEqualized sand footsteps to better cut through the mix similar to dirt & concreteFixed an issue that caused War Tracks to randomly stop playing when in active in a vehicleFixed an issue preventing the War Tracks of a Patrol Boat’s driver from being heard while in the Patrol Boat turrets


Update Requires RestartIf the title requires a restart due to an update, it will restart automaticallyNew MenusAll new menus for Weapon and Camo ChallengesAdded a Store tab for Players to see all available bundles for a specific weaponNew Party QueuingParty queuing allows players to automatically join a friend’s party once they are finished with their active match. Just like inviting friends to a party or channel, you can access party queuing via the in-game social menu.



This update contains several fixes to reduce the number of known crashes. We continue to prioritize increased stability and crash fixes across all platforms.

Fixed issue where Players were hearing incorrect team faction voiceover on certain mapsFixed an issue where a Player’s squad number would appear inside a ping for a vehicleFixed an issue where the Last Stand revive was not interrupted when a Player was hit with a Shock StickFlash and Stun grenade blast will no longer kill Players at low healthFixed a handful of issues that would cause the target marking feature of the Spotter Scope to persist when not aiming down sightsThrowing Knives can now kill Recon Drones and Bomb DronesFixed an issue with the Gus Operator sometimes appearing without a full character model during a match


Fixed an issue where the Player would lose a placed Sentry Gun if they try to pick it up while divingThe Player’s field of view will now reset properly when transitioning to a new round if they were in a Cruise Missile sequence when it happenedKillstreak command actions from the Wheelson and VTOL are now disabled when a Player is in Last StandFixed an issue that prevented Players from marking a Mortar Strike and Precision Airstrike position through certain fencesFixed an issue causing Care Packages to time out while a Player is using itFixing an issue that played an incorrect voice over when pinging an Overwatch HeloFixed an issue that could cause the Player’s view to be looking downwards after using a Cruise Missile


Fixed an issue preventing the Drill Charge from eliminating Agents in Battle Royale and DMZ

Field Upgrades

Fixed an issue where enemy C4 models destroyed by a Trophy System would not deleteFixed an issue preventing the Trophy System from destroying Cluster Mines as they are being deployedFixed an issue where DDoS was not working properly on the Recon Drone and Bomb DroneAdjusted the deployment position for the Recon Drone and Bomb Drone within a train so they will no longer destroy themselves immediately afterwardsFixed a duplication issue with the Deployable Cover when picking up another Field Upgrade on the ground in Battle Royale and DMZ


Fixed an exploit where Players could sometimes equip two of the same weaponFixed an issue where changing the receiver in Gunsmith on the Blissful Ignorance Blueprint (SP-X 80) would kick a Player to the previous menuFixed an issue where the weapon preview camera sometimes pointed at the Secondary weapon when the Primary was selectedFixed an issue allowing Players to access the Loadout Drop menu after the game has endedFixed an issue causing Navigation bar headings to be cut off in some languagesFixed an issue causing Private match menu headers to occasionally overlap in some languagesFixed an issue where a Player’s full ATVI ID was not showing in Play of the GameFixed an issue where some Players would display a garbled clan tagFixed an issue where the Gus Operator would sometimes appear without a full character modelFixed an issue where some Players’ Operator would disappear in the pre-game lobbyFixed an issue where the background would not load when backing in and out of Showcase


Fixed various issues affecting Social notificationsFixed an issue where splitscreen was displaying channels incorrectlyFixed an issue where the Friends List scroll bar would sometimes disappear while scrollingFixed an issue affecting the displayed Lobby elapsed match timeFixed various issues affecting Displayed Party MembersFixed an issue where Queued Party Members display when they are in a Private party but not in LobbyFixed an issue affecting Queued Party Members in View Party PanelFixed an issue causing Members in Voice count to appear incorrectlyFixed an issuing causing “Join Player” option to appear for people that are already in the Player’s Party QueueFixed an issue that sometimes caused the “Invite to Party” option to not appear while in a LobbyFixed an issue causing Party member client search states to not appear correctly on screen when the Party leader initiated a queueFixed various issues with Party Queuing, including Party Members Join/Invite availabilityFixed an issue causing Players in a Party that are kicked for inactivity to be removed from the groupFixed an issue to improve Social Hub Tile actioningFixed an issue affecting Queued Party Members in Game ChatFixed various issues affecting Game Chat in Parties


Fixed an issue causing vehicles to sometimes run over enemy combatants after unloading themFixed an exploit where Players could use an ATV to push teammates into the ceiling of some buildingsFixed an issue causing neutral vehicles to crush Players resulting in death, instead of moving them out of the wayFixed an issue causing some vehicles to get stuck under the Exfil chopper in DMZFixed an issue causing the vehicle explosion danger indicator to disappear when a Player was still in range of the vehicle explosionFixed an issue making vehicle explosive damage too high in Battle Royale and DMZFixed an issue preventing Players from deploying a Claymore on the Heavy ChopperFixed an issue causing the Heavy Chopper to take damage from explosions far away from itFixed an issue preventing windows on vehicles from breaking if the Player enters from the roof through that windowFixed an issue causing vehicles parked at extreme angles to become unusableFixed an issue causing the Inflatable Decoy to not stick to the train when it inflatesFixed an issue where the Player would be instantly killed when colliding with a vehicle at the top of an ascender



PC users will have an audio update allowing Players to select stereo or surround outputs. This option will default to stereo if not set. We have been investigating clips which appear to only include the front left and right channels, when the output on some PCs may default to surround – resulting in missing channels of audio.

Gyro Aiming Ratcheting

A “Gyro Ratcheting” setting has been added in the Controller category (Advanced tab) for Season 02 Reloaded. This option improves the Player experience by allowing a Player to disable manually the Gyro function by pressing a specific button, that can be chosen by the Player among several options, to be able to reposition the controller as desired. Players looking for more controls regarding the Gyro Aiming experience should customize this setting.


Inverted Flash

An “Inverted Flash” option has been added as an accessibility option in the Interface category for Season 02 Reloaded with two values: Off (default behavior) and On (added behavior). This option allows to change the color of the flash effect of the flashbang tactical grenade from white to black. We recommend adjusting this option for Players who feel discomfort when affected by the full white screen effect of the flashbang tactical grenade. Duration and visual are at parity between the two values of the option, providing no competitive advantage.




Added a new fill bar for Last Stand and Dog Tags to match Battle Royale and provide additional clarity for downed teammatesAdded new challenges to the Co-op Pool of Daily ChallengesFixed an issue where equipment UI could appear as orange or flicker white

Low Profile

Fixed an issue allowing Players to use aerial equipment during InfilFixed issue that could cause Player to become temporarily invincible

Defender: Mt. Zaya

Fixed an issue preventing Players from driving enemy vehiclesFixed an issue where enemy pilots could be seen floating in the skyFixed bug that would prevent Players from restarting the mission if the bomb goes offFixed an issue with map borders so Players can no longer exit map while in vehicles


A Weapon XP token is now unlocked for each completion of the RaidAdded 1 Camo to the regular loot poolAdded additional clarity in the AAR for all Raid related unlocks, including, Operator unlocks, Veteran completion unlocks and the random rewardsAdded a Kit Select to allow players to modify their kits in-game if neededAdded clarity to which rewards are unlockable and which rewards are already unlocked via a list in the lobbyRemoved Raid Assignment requirement so Players can easily queue through the Party Finder with no barriersAdded unique [CLASSIFIED] Reward TypeAdded “Special Ops Kit Boost” to Raid Store Bundles which allows Players to gain 10 stars per Kit and instantly unlock all Kits upon purchaseAdded “Vote to Skip” functionality for in-game intro cutscenesFixed an issue where an extra oxygen tank icon could appear on the screen of the equipped Player



New Map

Himmelmatt ExpoMix business with pleasure at Himmelmatt Expo, a new Core (6v6) Multiplayer map situated on a European mountainside.

New Modes

Drop ZoneCapture and hold the Drop Zone to earn points in this chaotic team-based mode. For every 15 seconds that the Drop Zone is occupied, a Care Package containing a Killstreak will be dropped in the vicinity.One in the ChamberLoad into the match with a pistol, one bullet, and three lives. Each player fights for themselves, and a single shot to any part of the body earns the elimination, granting the attacker one more bullet for the next fight.All or NothingEquipped only with Throwing Knives and a pistol with no ammo, each Operator must fight for themselves in a race to earn 20 eliminations. Earn additional Perks by eliminating enemies, starting with the Scavenger Perk to allow for ammo pickups.


Fixed several out of bounds and collision based exploits across 6v6 mapsAddressed spawn issues on Farm 18Fixed an exploit for capturing a point in Control on El Aliso



The following have been restricted in Ranked Play to match updated Call of Duty League rules: Weapon Tuning (All)Kastov 762 Assault RiflePlayers should notice that existing Weapon Tuning will revert to default options in-game, but we recommend that you review your classes before your first match.

Quality of Life

Improved visual feedback when a match is canceled because a player left within the first 30s.The Skill Division Rewards screen now displays rewards from all Divisions by default.Added Top 250 Profile images for a handful of CDL Pro players who were previously missing them.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that prevented players from selecting the CDL Operators and equipping an earned Ranked Play Skin.Addressed a visual bug that suggested a player’s SR had been reset.Fixed an issue that was occasionally causing an unintended Suspension after backing out of searching for a match before the lobby was formed.




Killstreak AvailabilityThe existing “Airspace is too crowded” message will now have a trailing “for X seconds” attached to it to add better context for players.Cluster Strike & Precision Airstrike ImprovementsImproved the Airstrike danger notification to be more consistent based on each damage location.Improved directional tracing to prevent the Precision Airstrike targeting from sometimes landing behind the Players.Players will now be notified when calling a Cluster Strike or Precision Airstrike if they are too close to the affected zone.Give-Up Timer ConsistencyThe give-up timer while downed is now more consistent across modes and will last at least 3 seconds.Navigation PingsIncreased the scale of navigation pings on the Tacmap and Mini-Map for improved readability.Armor BreakThe text has been removed from the Armor Break notification (when breaking all of an opponent’s Armor Plates) for improved clarity, whilst the icon has remained.Auto-Looting Armor PlatesAs Armor Plates are a critical part of the gameplay loop, Players will now automatically pick up Armor Plates as long as they have available inventory or Backpack space.Spawn ProtectionSpawn Protection will now disable at 25 meters, up from 19 meters, from the ground or a grounded player in Battle Royale modes.We will continue to refine as we move forwards given the importance of this feature to redeploying players.Resurgence KillfeedThe killfeed will now display who is about to redeploy when their Resurgence timer reaches 0.


SpectatingFriendly pings and splash screens are now visible to spectators.Gas MaskLoot cards for gas mask now more accurately reflect their damage amounts.


Fixed some issues causing rainbow glare to appear on the horizon in Al Mazrah (Xbox only).

Tac Map & Minimap

Fixed an issue preventing elevation arrows on map icons not accurately indicating their position.Fixed an issue causing the Counter UAV to affect Player maps even while outside of the effective range.



Al Mazrah

StandardSolosMax Players: 150Assimilation: OffDuosMax Players: 150Assimilation: RefillTriosMax Players: 150Assimilation: RefillQuadsMax Players: 152Assimilation: Refill

Ashika Island

Resurgence SolosMax Players: 52Assimilation: OffDuosMax Players: 52Assimilation: OffTriosMax Players: 52Assimilation: OffQuadsMax Players: 52Assimilation: Off

All squad sizes for Resurgence will be available through Season 02 Reloaded!

For regular updates about the Playlist and other Scheduled Events, check out the dedicated Warzone Trello Board.


Warzone’s 3rd Anniversary!

To celebrate three years of Warzone, Players will be able to redeem a new free gift each day via the in-game Store that are symbolic of memories made since its surprise launch on March 10, 2020.


Verdansk Anniversary Calling CardVerdansk EmblemCaldera Anniversary Calling CardBlacksite Completionist Calling CardBlacksite StickerBlacksite Emblem (Animated)Stronghold Calling Card


Bomb DronesBomb Drones have been temporarily removed while we fine tune them.



Pacing BalancingAs a team we are focused on two core areas of the pacing of Battle Royale: The combat engagements in the mid-gameThe regain opportunities in the late gameWe will be addressing this across Season 02 Reloaded and going into Season 03, with the first change being a guaranteed “Restock” Public Event in the 4th Circle.Future improvements will include: More ground loot Supply Boxes, especially in the North of the mapResurgence Supply Boxes being sprinkled throughout the mapAdditional Ammo CachesAnd more…

Gameplay Adjustments

Al Mazrah | Battle Royale

Light HeloThe Light Helo has been disabled in Solos. We are protective of the Solos squad size being a fair and balanced experience, and the Light Helo went against that ethos.Contract AvailabilityIncreased the number of Contracts revealed over the course of the match to increase their availability in later circles.Final CirclesWe are temporarily disabling final circles in the north-western section of the map while we work on improvements for upcoming seasons.

Ashika Island | Resurgence

Redeployment DronesRedeployment Drones are currently active across Ashika Island and will remain live as part of the Resurgence experience.AI Combatant DepartureAs the Path of the Ronin event comes to an end, the Shadow Company operatives that have occupied the island will depart in pursuit of their next mission.Players will now be public enemy number one for Search & Seizure Contracts and the Data Heist Public Event.Circle BalancingThe first circle will be approximately 20% larger, and more likely to be on land, to better enable a successful Infil.Pacing BalancingActions that affect the Resurgence Countdown have been adjusted to allow for more windows of opportunity to Team Wipe the opposing team.Buy Station AvailabilityImprovements have been made to better spread the Buy Stations more evenly through the map.


Spawn ProtectionSpawn Protection will now disable at 25 meters, up from 19 meters, from the ground or a grounded player in Battle Royale modes. We will continue to refine as we move forwards given the importance of this feature to redeploying players.Resurgence KillfeedThe killfeed will now display who is about to redeploy when their Resurgence timer reaches 0.


Redeploy Token
Fixed an issue allowing Redeploy Tokens to appear in Buy Stations even after the Gulag had closed.



We have updated the usage requirements for Building 21 Access Cards: Players no longer need to bring Building 21 Access Cards into the match by equipping them prior to infiltrationAt least one Player in a squad must have a Building 21 Access Card in their Inventory to allow infiltrationIf a Player does infil to Building 21 with an Access Card in their Backpack, they will lose that card if they do not extract with itThis change only impacts Building 21 Access Cards and not the Access/Key Cards for locked spaces inside Building 21, as those must still be equipped in your Backpack prior to infiltrationEnemy combatants in DMZ can now operate or arrive in a variety of vehicles, not just the Armored TruckWe have added some variations to infiltration and exfiltration pointsThe Destroy Supplies Contract has been updated to reveal the 4 closest safes, instead of revealing all safes within a distance of the ContractReduced the total number of vehicles in Modern City for more even distribution of vehicles throughout Al MazrahEnemy combatants now have a small chance to drop upgraded weapons upon death


Fixed several Stronghold access issues across DMZFixed an issue where the Secure Nuclear Material contract could select a locked toolbox on Ashika IslandIncreased minimum distance between Secure Nuclear Material contracts on Ashika Island so they do not overlapFixed Favor for a Friend Mission having an incorrect location descriptionFixed description for Stronghold Reacquisition Mission incorrectly stating that the Legion Deal Intel must be extractedFixed an issue where taking a weapon directly from an enemy’s Backpack wouldn’t register it as an enemy weapon for some MissionsFixed issue where the Overlord voiceover would fade out improperly when extractingFixed issues where certain Missions weren’t sharing progress with squadmates, including missions that have you use field upgrades and killstreaks such as Death From AboveFixed issue where Key Elimination wasn’t giving progress for unlocking a cache instead of a locked doorFixed an issue where some Players did not get credit for the final exfil due to timerFixed an issue where match search would stop if the party leader left the groupFixed an issue that would prevent the Player from using their Armor temporarily, when trying to use Armor and the Radiation Blocker at the same timeGameSpot – Game NewsRead More

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