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Counter-Strike Skin Sells For $160,000, Or Around 320 PS5 Consoles

Cosmetic skins are fairly commonplace in gaming, and in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one floral-themed AK-47 skin just sold for an eye-watering sum. One user paid the equivalent of $160,000 on the Chinese version of Buff, a third-party site for trading CS:GO skins, far above the going rate of other premium Wild Lotus skins on the site which typically sell for around several thousand dollars.

Crazy 1m+ Sale just happened 🫣🫣
Was this price justified?

— .Nalo (@completelyfucc) March 13, 2023

As for what makes this skin so valuable, that comes down to its overall rarity. As spotted by Kotaku, the Wild Lotus has a Float number that is very low, and basically grades this gun skin as being fresh off the factory assembly line. While $160,000, or enough cash to buy 320 PS5 consoles, is a staggering number for a digital weapon skin, there have been rare instances of these skins selling for even higher.

One notable example would be the $1.5 million dollars offered for an extremely rare blue Karambit knife, which its owner turned down for not being high enough. Trading skins is also a very lucrative market for CS:GO, and over the years, has seen a very dedicated and serious fanbase of collectors established. Valve does keep an eye on this marketplace, and has placed time limits on trading in order to keep the market under control for one of the most-played games on Steam.

In other Counter-Strike news, a beta for the rumored Counter-Strike 2 is reportedly arriving soon, and is expected to go live by early April at the latest.

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