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Destiny 2 Deep Dives: Keys, Pressure Trials, And How To Get Tier 3 Chests

Season of the Deep has added two new activities to Destiny 2, and in Deep Dive, the game ventures into the methane depths of Titan. Deep Dive offers a quick and challenging matchmade activity for up to three players, and if you keep your eyes open, you can score some terrific loot.

Like several other Destiny 2 activities, there’s a trick to scoring some high-stat gear and unlocking Tier 3 rewards in Deep Dive, one that requires a little bit of teamwork and some keen eyes. Here’s how you can get the best loot in Destiny 2’s Deep Dive activity. It’s worth noting upfront, however, that Bungie has confirmed that there is more to come from this mode in the weeks ahead. The official description hints at being able to dive deeper to earn better rewards and find hidden treasures, but we now know that we’ll have to wait to see everything that Deep Dives have to offer.

Start Deep Dive

Pretty self-explanatory, as you’ll want to select this mode from the HELM. Load into Deep Dive, select one of Ahsa’s blessings, and make your way down the facility and into the Sonar Station.

Invoke Darkness to begin a Pressure Trial

Once you’re inside the Sonar Station and the first encounter is about to begin, quickly look for a small Taken blight. This is usually found in either the middle, right, or the left corner of the room’s entrance–and looks very similar to Toland the Shattered’s form whenever you encounter him on the Moon–and it’ll have an “Invoke Darkness” text line when you interact with it. Everyone in your party needs to interact with this blight during the Pressure Trial if you want to earn Tier 3 loot at the end of Deep Dive.

If you’re doing random matchmaking, this might be difficult to pull off unless everyone is on the same page, so it’ll be worth hitting the Destiny 2 LFG pages to find people who plan to farm this activity.

Destroy the Taken Blights

Now that you and your fireteam have invoked the Darkness, the next step is to interact with larger Taken blights. Everyone will need to reach this blight and attack it, and you can expect four of them in total. Two will spawn in the main room, and two more will spawn in the back area. Once you and your fireteam have destroyed all of the Taken blights, Xivu Arath will yell at you, signaling that you’ll be able to claim Tier 3 loot once you’ve dealt with the boss of this mode.

Defeat the boss, earn Deep Dive keys

Get your fireteam ready, and clear out the boss guarding the final level of Deep Dive. Like other activities, this is a three-stage boss fight, and there’ll be plenty of cannon fodder enemies to keep an eye out for. Defeat the boss in all three of its phases and you’ll be rewarded with extra loot chests and seasonal reputation. If you have any Deep Dive keys, you’ll gain extra rewards as well.

It’s worth noting that you can earn a few Deep Dive keys through other methods, including the new fishing minigame and by reaching rank 24 and 92 on the premium season pass. You can also grab Deep Dive keys as rewards from this season’s vendor.

For a more relaxing diversion, check out our guide on Destiny 2’s fishing activity. This activity has its own Destiny spin on reeling in a whopper of a fish, which you can read more about in the linked guide.

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