Destiny 2 Is Saying Goodbye To Legendary Shards From Season 23

For years, one of the primary resources in Destiny 2 has been Legendary Shards. Earned through activities–and mostly by disassembling Legendary and Exotic-class gear–this has been the go-to currency when it comes to dealing with Xur, focusing engrams, and unlocking legacy Exotics. From Season 23, Bungie will begin phasing out Legendary Shards, and by the time The Final Shape expansion arrives in February 2024, they’ll be retired entirely.

Bungie says that Legendary Shards have been an unstable part of the Destiny 2 economy for too long, and by removing them, it’ll the game easier to understand for new players while also reducing the bloat of currencies, consumables, and items. Starting in Season 23, all Legendary Shard costs from the Monument to Lost Lights will be removed while Glimmer, Exotic Cipher, and Spoils of Conquest costs will remain the same.

For ritual gear focusing, Legendary Shard costs will be removed entirely and non-Adept focusing will only have ritual engram and Glimmer costs. Focusing Adept weapons will still require seven wins in Trials Passages or Nightfall Ciphers.

New costs

Gear TypeRarityGlimmer RewardSecondary RewardSecondary Reward Drop ChanceGunsmith ReputationGeneralRare75ArmorLegendary1000Enhancement Core25%10ArmorExotic2000Enhancement Core60%20GhostsLegendary1000GhostsExotic1500WeaponsLegendary1000Enhancement Core25%10WeaponsExotic2000Enhancement Core60%20

When The Final Shape launches, all the remaining Legendary Shard sources and costs from the game will be gone entirely, and Bungie will not be offering a currency exchange for stockpiled Legendary Shards, but at the same time, it will not be raising Glimmer prices for items or adding replacement costs to things that previously needed Legendary Shards.

So what does this mean for when you dismantle gear. Bungie aims to give players worthwhile rewards for disassembling their weapons and armor, which will revolve around Glimmer, Enhancement Core, and reputation rewards. For Ships and Sparrows, Bungie plans to remove the cost of pulling these items from Collections. Since they won’t cost anything, they won’t need to offer rewards when dismantled.

Dismantle Rewards

Item TypeEngramGlimmerMiscNew Ritual Weapons10Standard Ritual Pool Weapons35000Standard Ritual Pool Armor35000Legacy Weapons515,000Legacy Armor515,000Iron Banner Weapons525,000Nightfall Weapons525,000Adept Nightfall Weapons150,00010 Nightfall CiphersTrials Weapons525,000Adept Trials Weapons150,0007-Win Trials Passage

Lastly, Bungie has hinted that Strange Coins will be making a comeback when dealing with Xur. Currently, the Agent of the Nine requires both Glimmer and Legendary Shards for his Exotic and Legendary-class gear, but he’ll be accepting “alternative” forms of payment once Legendary Shards have been removed from Destiny 2. In other Destiny 2 news, a cheater has been legally banned from ever playing the game again, Sparrows were everywhere in the recent Iron Banner PvP event, and the Crota’s End raid kicked many a Guardian butt.

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