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Destiny 2: Season Of The Deep Guides, Season Pass Gear, Exotics

Destiny 2’s second season of 2023 is here, and after Season of Defiance kept the action focused mostly on Earth, Season of the Deep shifts the focus back to Titan and the secrets lurking within its waters. A long time has passed since Guardians visited the Hive-infested structures of Titan, and Bungie has been teasing a story that involves an ancient enemy of The Witness that calls the moon of Saturn its home. This new season will run from May 23 through August 22.

Season 21 introduces a number of updates to Destiny 2, ranging from Exotic armor and Exotic weapon overhauls, redesigned enemy shields, and a new Seasonal Artifact that has some great perks for the Arc subclass. As usual, you can also expect to earn some gear through the free and premium tiers of the season pass, add a new Exotic to your collection, and take part in weekly missions that further flesh out the ongoing story of Lightfall.


Each season of Destiny 2 brings with it new secrets, and if you’re looking to uncover them, you can check back here for new guides and walkthroughs throughout Season of the Deep. Check back often to see a refreshed list of features as we dive deeper into the new storyline and the waters of Titan.

Season of the Deep storyline

Deputy Commander Sloane has resurfaced alongside Titan, and Season of the Deep will focus on helping her strengthen her connection with Ahsa, a survivor of The Witness that lives in the methane oceans of Saturn’s moon. This storyline will unfold over the next couple of months and will lead Guardians into the deep to uncover secrets from the past and learn more about the Witness’s origins.

Seasonal activity

Salvage is the name of Season 21’s new activity. This seasonal activity will see up to six players join forces to explore the Golden Age facilities of Titan, recover valuable technology, and defend these treasures from Xivu Arath’s forces. Like previous seasonal activities, Salvage has multiple stages that ends with a big boss fight. Additionally, Deep Dive is another new activity that can be played solo or with up to two other players. This activity has a fixed power level, bonus perks, and waves of enemies to deal with as you gather resources for Sloane.

New dungeon

There aren’t too many details yet on what this season’s dungeon is focused on, but we do know that it’ll be live from 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on May 26.

Seasonal Challenges

Like previous seasons, you’ll be able to take on additional tasks and challenges that’ll reward you with experience points, Bright Dust, and some great loot. Each season usually has 10 weeks of objectives to pursue, and you’ll be able to complete them at your own pace. As an added bonus, complete all of these challenges and you’ll be gifted an extra pile of Bright Dust, which can be used unlock cosmetics in the Eververse Store. Season 21 also has a refreshed take on the vendor system, as instead of completing seasonal objectives to unlock materials that can be spent on seasonal upgrades, you’ll do this through Seasonal Bonuses.

Season of the Deep Exotic weapon: Centrifuse

The new Exotic for Season 21 is Centrifuse, an auto rifle that you can equip in your energy slot. This weapon does Arc damage, and its key perk is Overcharge Capacitator. This is an interesting Exotic that emphasizes the fast and furious style of action that you’d expect from Arc, as sprinting, sliding, and firing this weapon builds a temporary electrostatic charge.

Once the meter has been filled up it’ll gain increased range and reload speed and final blows with a high charge cause explosions. When charged to maximum, those explosions will blind targets. If you own the premium season pass, you’ll gain this Exotic immediately and you can activate a quest with Banshee-44 to unlock the catalyst for this weapon. Anyone on the free tier of the season pass will have to reach rank 35 to unlock the Exotic.

New Exotic armor pieces

Three more Exotic armor pieces are being added this season, with Warlocks getting a spiffy new helmet, Hunters gain a new set of gauntlets, and Titans can add a beefy chest piece to their collection.

Cenotaph Mask

Warlock Exotic helmet

Steadily reloads a portion of your equipped Trace Rifles’s magazine from reserves. Damaging a vehicle, boss, or champion with a trace rifle marks them as the target. When an ally defeats the marked target, generate special ammo for yourself and heavy ammo for your allies.

Arbor Warden

Titan Exotic chest armor

Using your class ability channels defensive Light inward, providing a grenade that creates a barricade on impact.

Triton Vice

Hunter Exotic gauntlets

Increases Glaive reload speed and melee damage when surrounded. Glaive melee final blows overflow a round to the magazine. Glaive projectile final blows detonate if the Glaive deals damage matching your subclass type.


That’s right, you’ll be able to put your firearm down and grab a futuristic fishing rod in Destiny 2. There are several of these ponds dotted around the Solar system, and as you’d expect, there’s more to this mode than merely throwing out your line and hoping to reel in the big one.

Free Season Pass

Rank 7 — Bright engramRank 13 — Bright engramRank 17 — Bright engramRank 20 — Targeted Reaction (Legendary hand cannon)Rank 23 — Bright engramRank 27 — Bright engramRank 30 — Thin Precipice (Legendary sword)Rank 33 — Bright engramRank 35 — Centrifuse (Exotic auto rifle)Rank 37 — Bright engramRank 43 — Bright engramRank 45 — Exotic engramRank 47 — Bright engramRank 53 — Bright engramRank 55 — Exotic CipherRank 57 — Deepsight HarmonizerRank 63 — Bright engramRank 65 — Exotic engramRank 67 — Bright engramRank 73 — Bright engramRank 77 — Deepsight HarmonizerRank 83 — Bright engramRank 87 — Bright engramRank 93 — Deepsight HarmonizerRank 97 — Bright engram

Premium Season Pass

Rank 1 — Centrifuse (Exotic auto rifle)Rank 6 — Mesopalegic shaderRank 10 — White Whale finisherRank 13 — Deep engramRank 25 — Exotic engramRank 30 — Pale Reflection (Exotic sparrow)Rank 35 — Deep engramRank 41 — Deep engramRank 50 — Deepseeker shell (Exotic Ghost shell)Rank 55 — Deep engramRank 57 — Season of the Deep gauntletsRank 59 — Exotic engramRank 60 — Season of the Deep leg armorRank 62 — Deespight HarmonizerRank 64 — Season of the Deep gauntlet ornamentRank 65 — Exotic engramRank 67 — Season of the Deep Titan mark, Warlock bond, Hunter cloakRank 73 — Season of the Deep leg armor ornamentRank 77 — Season of the Deep chest armorRank 79 — Exotic engramRank 80 — Siren Call (Legendary emote)Rank 83 — Season of the Deep Titan mark, Warlock bond, Hunter cloak ornamentRank 84 — Deespight HarmonizerRank 85 — Ascendant shardRank 87 — Season of the Deep helmetRank 88 — Exotic engramRank 89 — Ascendant AlloyRank 90 — Ascendant ShardRank 91 — Season of the Deep chest armor ornamentRank 94 — Ascendant shardRank 97 — Season of the Deep helmet ornamentRank 98 — Exotic engramRank 99 — Tentacle Trap (Exotic emote)Rank 100 — Fluorescent Depth (Exotic Centrifuse ornament)

Titan Season Pass Armor And Ornaments

Hunter Season Pass Armor And Ornaments

Warlock Season Pass Armor And Ornaments

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