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Destiny 2: Season Of The Deep Launch Trailer Teases Taken Weapons And Relaxing Fishing Activities

Ahead of its arrival today, Bungie has released the launch trailer for Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep. The new season, which runs from May 23 through August 23, will see Guardians return to the methane oceans of Titan. Titan has been off-limits since it fell to the forces of The Witness–and was subsequently thrown into the Destiny Vault, but the launch trailer hints at a new slice of the planet to explore.

The trailer also reveals that Commander Sloane has survived, but she’s looking a little worse for wear. Almost her entire body has been covered by Taken energy, and the legendary Titan has summoned Guardians to her side.

Players who own the Season Pass will have access to weekly Deep Dive missions, the new seasonal activity called Salvage, and for fans of the most extreme sport of all, fishing.

Looks reel good.

On May 26, the new dungeon will unlock and for anyone looking to add a new legend to their personalization collection, you’ll be able to complete several challenges to unlock the Aquanaut title. Season of the Deep will also introduce several tweaks to Destiny 2, as several Exotic armor pieces, Exotic weapons, and Supers are getting overhauled.

This season’s new selection of weapons also have a Taken design to them, with several firearms emitting paracausal energy in the launch trailer. For PlayStation fans of Destiny 2 cosmetics, you’ll soon be able to dress your Guardians up in God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Ghost of Tsushima gear.

Other features for this season include more Strand subclass Aspects and a new rotation feature in the inventory screen that’ll allow you to inspect your weapons from all angles.

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