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Diablo 4 beta rewards and how to earn them all

As is imminently important in online games, Diablo 4 has unlockable beta rewards so that years from now you can remind everyone that you’ve been here since beta. You can unlock two character titles and one cosmetic back item, and all three rewards can be earned during either of the two Diablo 4 beta weekends in March.

Here’s what’s up for grabs and how to earn them:

Initial Casualty title: Reach Kyovashad with one characterEarly Voyager title: Reach level 20 with one characterBeta Wolf Pack cosmetic item: Reach level 20 on one character

The wee little wolf carrier is a really enticing carrot to keep me chasing levels during the beta weekends.

The “initial casualty” title is the first one you’ll earn by reaching the town Kyovashad. You’ll reach it at around level 5 during the quest Rite of Passage after you’ve left the first small town, Nevesk.

The other two rewards are both handed out once you reach at least level 20 on one character. Remember that your progress from the preorder weekend carries over until the open beta the following weekend, so if you’re eligible for both you have double the time to ring up that experience. 

You shouldn’t struggle too hard to hit level 20 though, based on the early hours I’ve been playing. I hit level 5 in about an hour by doing the first quests in Nevesk and Icehowl Ruins dungeon. So long as you aren’t suffering too badly in the beta test login queues, leveling should be a breeze. You may even have time to level more than one of the Diablo 4 classes if you’re hoping to try them all on for style.

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