Disney Dreamlight Valley All Haunted Holiday Star Path Duties Explained

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Star Path Duties haven’t always been particularly tricky to figure out, but that seems to be changing with the new Haunted Holiday Star Path. For the first time since the game’s launch, the Star Path Duties consist of riddles instead of exact explanations of what to do. As such, we’ve compiled a list of the duties alongside their solutions below.

These new Star Path Duties ask you to perform vague tasks like “make conversation with a very speedy princess” or “give different villagers a sugar rush,” but since these are open to interpretation, they can get tricky, even if you’ve faithfully stayed up to date on all things Disney Dreamlight Valley over the past year.

All Haunted Holiday Star Path Duties and how to complete them

Six of these duties will be available to you at any one time. After completing one, you’ll be assigned a new one.

Catch a fish popular in Arendelle – Fish up 10 HerringCatch a rainbow-y fish – Fish up 10 Rainbow TroutGive different villagers a sugar rush – Give 10 villagers candyImpress a wizard with something he loves – Give Merlin his favorite gift 4 timesMake conversation with a very speedy princess – Have 2 daily conversations with VaneloppeMine for a lime-green gem – Mine 10 Peridots

We’ll continue updating this list as we play and unlock more duties. Stay tuned.

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