Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Belle And Beast

There are tons of exciting characters to find and invite to your village in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but few are as highly sought after as Belle and Beast from the beloved classic Beauty and the Beast. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to invite these two Disney faves to your valley–though it’s worth noting that you should prepare to complete quite a list of tasks to make it all happen.

How to unlock Belle and Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlocking Belle first requires you to head to the Dream Castle and use 12,500 Dreamlight to open the Beauty and the Beast Realm. This will give you the “Into the West Wing!” quest which asks you to explore the Realm. When you enter the Beauty and the Beast Realm, head straight up the stairs to find a glowing book. Follow it through the castle hallways until you find Belle in the library.

Belle will ask you to collect five glowing books, so run around the library and pick them up, then return to her. She’ll then request that you find a secret passage, which is located around the rolling ladder in the corner of the room. However, you’ll first need to explore the library and find four ladder straps and two wheels, all of which can be easily found glowing on the ground or on tables. Head to the ladder and apply these items to force open a secret passage.

Speak to Belle once more and then set out to find some items. You’ll find one Castle Candle and the Golden Curtain in the library. There is another Castle Candle in the courtyard against the wall with the tools. The Castle Candle Holder is sitting in a chair in a hallway near some lion statues. Lastly, find the final two Castle Candles–one is near the piano in the main lobby, and one is on a barrel inside the secret passage you opened.

Give all of these to Belle to receive the Candlestick Disguise. Equip the hat and costume, then go through the secret passage and speak to Beast. Afterward, return to Belle and then head off to talk to Merlin. You now need to craft the Enchanted Canvas. To do so, you’ll need:

Softwood x12Fiber x8Dream Shard x4White Daisy x3Garnet x2

Return to Belle with the Enchanted Canvas in hand, then follow her into the room where you first met Beast. After some chatting, you’ll be able to complete “Into the West Wing.” Afterward, however, you’ll need to speak to Beast to begin “A Prince in Disguise.”

One of the key pieces can be dug up near the rose bushes.

You’ll now be tasked with finding three key pieces. One can be dug up in the courtyard near the rose bushes, one can be mined from one of the lion statues in the hallway, and one can be found by using your watering can to douse the fire in the library fireplace.

Return to Beast, then open the chest nearby for the Enchanted Mirror. Speak to Beast once more, then set off to the valley to find the following items:

Fiber x20Purple Falling Penstemon x3Empty Vial x1Feather from Scrooge McDuck

Craft Belle’s Book Kit, then head back to speak with Beast yet again. You’ll need to find three more items to help him with his grooming. The Princely Cologne is literally on the table right beside him, the Princely Shampoo is located behind the privacy wall on another table beside the bathtub, and the Brush is in the storage box near the doorway.

Return these items to Beast, then follow him to the courtyard garden to listen to his apology. After all of this running about, you can finally go to your valley and place Beast’s Castle somewhere, then pay 20,000 gold to Scrooge McDuck to construct it. This will prompt Belle to join your valley.

Belle will give you a note to take to Beast. Do so, and he’ll instantly make his way to the valley, too!

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