F-Zero 99 Announced, Available Today

Captain Falcon is back to racing, but this time there are more challengers than ever in F-Zero 99. It’s the latest Nintendo Switch Online bonus, available today after being revealed at the September Nintendo Direct presentation.

As the name implies, F-Zero 99 sees you racing against 98 other people online to win a race on one of the tracks from the SNES original. There’s a power meter that will decrease when taking damage, as well as when utilizing a speed boost. If that gauge empties, it’s game over.

The F-ZERO game returns as a 99-player battle royale in F-ZERO 99! Available exclusively for active #NintendoSwitchOnline members today! #NintendoDirect pic.twitter.com/OBI5saUnaT

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) September 14, 2023

A new meter for F-Zero 99 is for collecting super sparks on the courses. Gaining enough of the yellow balls will lead to driving on a special skyway, which means speeding above competitors to gain an advantage. F-Zero 99 will also offer machine customization.

F-Zero has been available on the Nintendo Switch Online service for some time, both with the SNES original and the GBA game F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. A distinctly futuristic racer, it has held up surprisingly well over the years, despite the majority of the games using sprite-based artwork for 3D races.

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