Fae Farm Recipe List

Fae Farm is the latest farm life sim to hit the genre, and like most others in this space, there are tons of new recipes to learn that can help you cook colorful and flavorful dishes for yourself or for selling in the market at the center of town. But finding all the game’s recipes could take a long time–not to mention some aren’t even available right away. In order to help you master the kitchen and become Fae Farm’s top chef, use our recipe list to cook up the game’s many dishes.

How to cook in Fae Farm

There are different tiers, so to speak, when it comes to cooking in Fae Farm. A simple campfire will be introduced to you early on in the game’s guided tutorial, and with that you can prepare basic food items such as grilled greens and broiled shellfish. This will soon be replaced, however, in favor of more sophisticated cooking methods, namely the beverage station, food prep table, and cooking hearth. It’s a bit like Overcooked in that way, with physical stations of your own design allowing you to perform different steps of the cooking process. When you see ingredients that say “chopped” or “sliced,” for example, you’ll need the Food Prep Table. With only the campfire, your options are severely limited, but don’t worry. The game is designed to reward you with better tools in relatively short order. And with these more complex methods, the recipe book really opens up to you.

These improved kitchen stations should come naturally as you play the game, which is good because some recipes require things like crops that can’t be purchased and planted until you hit certain level requirements anyway. For example, potato seeds are unavailable until you reach level 10, meaning any recipe that requires potatoes won’t be available to you. Though the game does have co-op, there’s currently no way to trade items with each other either, so you’ll want to level up on your own to open the recipe book more widely.

Fae Far recipe list

You can find an easy-to-read list below of all the recipes we’ve compiled so far in Fae Farm. Each of these items will require the Food Prep Table and the Cooking Hearth, but also any other prerequisites such as a foraging or cooking level floor you’ll need to reach before you can cook the dish. As we discover more recipes, we’ll add them to this list, too, so stay tuned for more.

DishIngredientsRequired Skill Level(s)Wild Salad3 Fresh Greens, 3 Mixed BerriesN/AShellfish Chowder4 Sliced Shellfish, 3 Fresh GreensN/AHearty Salad4 Fresh Greens, 2 Diced RootsN/ASteamed Fish1 Fish Fillet, 2 Fresh GreensN/AFish Skewer1 Fish Fillet, 3 Sliced MushroomsN/ATuber Salad2 Diced Roots, 1 Chopped VegetablesN/ACaramelized Nuts4 Chopped Nuts, 2 SugarN/ATrail Mix4 Mixed Berries, 4 Chopped NutsN/ARoasted Vegetables3 Chopped Vegetables, 3 Diced Roots, 2 Fresh GreensCooking 5Fish and Mushroom Soup2 Fish Fillets, 3 Sliced Shellfish, 3 Sliced MushroomsCooking 5, Mining 5Grilled Fish and Veggies2 Fish Fillets, 3 Diced Roots, 3 Chopped VegetablesCooking 5, Foraging 5Mushroom Omelet3 Eggs, 3 Fresh Greens, 3 Sliced MushroomsCooking 5Shellfish Curry4 Sliced Shellfish, 3 Grain Nuggets, 3 Diced RootsCooking 5, Farming 5Fish Curry2 Fish Fillets, 3 Grain Nuggets, 3 Diced RootsCooking 5, Fishing 5Candied Fruit2 Honey, 2 Sugar, 5 Mixed BerriesCooking 5, Magic 5Scrambled Eggs with Fruit Salsa3 Eggs, 1 Butter, 3 Chopped FruitsCooking 5, Animal Care 5Granola Bar3 Grain Nuggets, 2 Honey, 5 Chopped NutsCooking 5, Logging 5Crunchy Salad3 Chopped Vegetables, 5 Fresh Greens, 3 Chopped NutsCooking 5, Critter Catching 5Creamy Veggie Stew3 Chopped Vegetables, 3 Sliced Mushrooms, 1 MilkCooking 5, Potion Brewing 5Country Bread1 Flour, 1 Butter, 1 Mixed BerriesCooking 5Mushroom Flatbread1 Flour, 1 Cheese, 4 Sliced Mushrooms, 3 Chopped VegetablesCooking 10, Mining 10Crab Cakes1 Flour, 2 Eggs, 5 Chopped Seafood, 3 Fresh GreensCooking 10, Fishing 10Seafood Stir Fry3 Chopped Vegetables, 2 Honey, 3 Chopped Seafood, 2 RiceCooking 10, Foraging 10Seashore Stew3 Fish Fillets, 3 Chopped Seafood, 3 Sliced Shellfish, 3 Chopped VegetablesCooking 10Seafood Dumplings1 Flour, 3 Chopped Seafood, 3 Chopped Vegetables, 3 Grain NuggetsCooking 10, Potion Brewing 10Mermaid’s Pie2 Potatoes, 3 Fish Fillets, 3 Chopped Vegetables, 2 Sugar PeasCooking 10, Magic 10Mushroom Spaghetti1 Flour, 2 Eggs, 5 Sliced Mushrooms, 3 Fresh GreensCooking 10, Animal Care 10Spaghetti Primavera1 Flour, 2 Eggs, 5 Chopped Vegetables, 1 MilkCooking 10, Critter Catching 10Seafood Spaghetti1 Flour, 1 Egg, 2 Chopped Seafood, 1 CheeseCooking 10, Farming 10Spaghetti with Veggie Ragu1 Flour, 1 Egg, 3 Chopped Vegetables, 2 TomatoesCooking 10, Logging 10Jumbleberry Pie1 Flour, 3 Butter, 5 Mixed Berries, 3 SugarCooking 10Fruit Pie1 Flour, 3 Butter, 3 Chopped Fruit, 3 SugarCooking 10Pumpkin Pie1 Pumpkin, 1 Flour, 3 Sugar, 3 Butter, 2 EggsCooking 15, Mining 15Salmon in a Blanket1 Salmon, 1 Flour, 2 Butter, 3 Fresh Greens, 3 Fish FilletsCooking 15, Logging 15Deluxe Fruit Tart5 Chopped Fruit, 3 Sugar, 1 Egg, 1 Flour, 3 ButterCooking 15, Critter Catching 15Rye Bread3 Rye, 1 Flour, 3 Butter, 1 Milk, 2 EggsCooking 15, Potion Brewing 15Cornbread3 Corn, 1 Flour, 2 Butter, 2 Sugar, 2 EggsCooking 15, Magic 15Baked Mac and Cheese1 Flour, 1 Egg, 1 Cheese, 3 Butter, 2 MilkCooking 15, Animal Care 15Farmer’s Pizza1 Flour, 1 Cheese, 3 Sliced Mushrooms, 3 Chopped Vegetables, 2 TomatoesCooking 15, Farming 15Fisher’s Pizza1 Flour, 5 Chopped Seafood, 1 Cheese, 1 Fish Fillet, 1 TomatoCooking 15, Fishing 15Oatmeal5 Grain Nuggets, 5 Chopped Nuts, 2 Honey, 3 Chopped Fruits, 3 Mixed BerriesCooking 15, Foraging 15Deep-Sea Delight5 Chopped Seafood, 1 Cheese, 1 Flour, 2 Butter, 3 Fresh GreensCooking 15Mystic Macarons1 Flour, 1 Egg, 2 Chopped Nuts, 4 Sugar, 2 Candy Corn, 1 Crystal PepperN/ASnowdrop Soup3 Grain Nuggest, 3 milk, 2 Frost Thistle, 1 Azure Spud, 1 Frost BeetN/ATwilight Salad5 Fresh Greens, 2 Magic Beans, 3 Cloudtop Boletes, 3 Violet JellycapsN/A

Know of a recipe we’re missing? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to add it to the list after confirming it ourselves.

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