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Lego Dry Bowser Castle Expansion Set Revealed On Mario Day

In honor of Mario Day, Lego announced a new Dry Bowser Castle Expansion set to release on August 1. The Dry Bowser Expansion set ($110), according to a product walkthrough during Lego’s Mario Day livestream, features Dry Bowser looming menacingly over a castle wall from the front. Characters can enter through a secret passageway from the castle’s side and see a poor purple Toad trapped in a cage held aloft by a crane.

There is a mechanism for Dry Bowser to switch from looking outwards to looking inwards, if you want to make him catch Mario in the act of rescuing characters. Mario can also get on the crane and use it to knock Dry Bowser off his perch. Other pieces of the set include Dry Bowser’s small workout area, stocked with a barbell and a punching bag.

Dry Bowser Castle Expansion Set

Lego also teased a secret at the base of the castle that can be activated through an electronic Lego Mario figure (included in the Mario Starter Course). Dry Bowser Castle Expansion set’s info is on the Lego website, but preorders are not available yet.

The Dry Bowser Expansion set is meant to be an add-on to one of the Starter Course kits, like the Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach sets. They’re all on sale right now, with Mario and Luigi‘s kits discounted by 20% to $48 (original price $60). Princess Peach’s kit is discounted by 30% to $42 (original price $60).

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