Lies Of P Co-Op And NPC Summons Explained

One of the most useful features in many Soulslike titles is the addition of co-op, allowing friends or strangers to join up with you temporarily for difficult areas or bosses. But in the case of Lies of P, you won’t be able to summon any real people into your game. That doesn’t mean you have to face off against bosses entirely solo, though. Here’s how summoning works in Lies of P.

There is no co-op in Lies of P, but you can summon spectres

Whereas many Soulslike games’ summoning methods are surprisingly cryptic, Lies of P simplifies the process quite a lot. You can only summon a spectre before boss fights to assist you with that single fight–meaning that they’ll disappear once either they or the boss dies.

In order to summon one of these spectres, you’ll need to use a Star Fragment on the glowing blue chalice that can always be found right outside of any boss arena. Once you enter into the boss fight, the spectre will appear and help you tackle the fight using a variety of attacks–and they’ll also frequently keep the enemy’s focus on them, allowing you to dish out damage more safely.

It’s worth noting, however, that these NPC companions get progressively squishier as you face tougher and tougher bosses later in the game. When you eventually gain access to cubes, it’s never a bad idea to keep wishstones in them that heal or buff your spectre. Giving them a much-needed boost halfway through a fight can make a world of difference. If they’re alive and actively battling, after all, your chances of survival increase dramatically.

Considering how helpful spectres can be, it’s never a bad idea to stock up on Star Fragments by grinding against larger foes who often drop them, ensuring that you always have plenty for any future summons you need. You can also buy Star Fragments using Gold Coin Fruit later in the game, but it’s unlikely that’ll be necessary considering how frequently they drop from enemies.

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