Lies Of P: Where To Find The Archbishop’s Holy Mark

Upon arriving in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library in Lies of P, you’ll likely stumble across a woman by the name of Cecile who asks you to seek out the Archbishop’s Holy Mark. Doing so earns you some useful rewards, so you won’t want to skip out on helping her. Here’s where to find the Archbishop’s Holy Mark and what you get for returning it to Cecile.

Where to find the Archbishop’s Holy Mark in Lies of P

After accepting the quest to find the Archbishop’s Holy Mark, you’ll need to navigate through the library until you find his quarters. From the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library Stargazer, take the door left of the water and head down the corridor. In the next room, fend off any enemies, pass under the bridge where a monster tosses goo down at you, and head through the door at the end of the area. At the top of the stairs, continue forward until you can take out the goo-throwing enemy that you just saw on the bridge. Take it out, then go down more stairs on the right.

The Archbishop’s Holy Mark can be found in his quarters.

The water down here causes the Decay status effect, so tread carefully (and quickly, if possible). Look for more stairs on the left side of the area and ascend, then follow the broken floor that acts as a bridge to a room across the gap here. Slay the enemy here and pick up the Archbishop’s Holy Mark lying on the ground. You can now return it to Cecile.

Cecile leaves behind some goodies for you.

Continue through the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library to eventually face off against the area’s boss–a very mutated and disgusting version of the Archbishop. Once he’s slain, you can fast travel back to the Stargazer near Cecile to find she has since moved on. She has left behind the Divine Service vinyl record for you, as well as Cecile’s Written Confession Letter. Pick these up, then head into your inventory and read the letter to receive the “Pray” gesture. Thanks, Cecile!

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