Mario Vs. Donkey Kong Rekindles An Old Rivalry On Nintendo Switch

During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, a new entry in the Mario Vs. Donkey Kong franchise was announced for Nintendo Switch.

The game will see Mario face off against Donkey Kong, who has stolen Mini Mario toys and hidden them across the world. Players will take control of Mario as he fights Donkey Kong and his horde of evil toys, surprisingly cute rhinos, and more.

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong

Each stage features puzzles using switches, disappearing platforms, and other obstacles as Mario tries to obtain a key that will unlock the way to the next area. The game will also offer a new two-player co-op mode where Toad will help Mario through puzzles in order to collect the toys.

The Mario Vs. Donkey Kong series began on Game Boy Advance in 2004, with other games appearing on the Nintendo DS, 3DS and Wii U. This new entry is the first for the franchise since Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: amiibo Challenge in January 2016, which allowed players to use various amiibo figures throughout the adventure.

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong launches February 16, 2024 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Preorders are available today on the Nintendo eShop.

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