Massive Star Citizen Update Breaks Game, With Many Still Unable To Log In

It’s fair to say that Star Citizen is one of the most controversial games ever, and it’s once again making news for all the wrong reasons. Developer Cloud Imperium Games recently introduced one of the game’s biggest updates ever, and while it sounds promising on paper, it’s suffered from severe technical issues that have prevented many players from even logging in.

The trouble started when the update was released on March 10, as the game’s servers could not apparently handle the amount of players returning to check out the new update. This update was set to add true persistence to the game, meaning that many of its promised subsystems would be functional for the first time, including items remaining after death and the salvaging profession. However, in the days since, the issues have not been fully resolved, with many players still unable to play the game at all. Cloud Imperium apologized for the problems on Twitter, calling it a “super rough start.”

We’re sorry for the super rough start – our team is all hands on deck working to get things running smoothly as quickly as possible. We’ll keep you updated!

— Star Citizen (@RobertsSpaceInd) March 12, 2023

As the game’s status updates reveal, Star Citizen is currently in a “partial outage,” and the servers have been online and offline over the past few days as the developer attempts to fix the issues. While it’s unclear when the game will be fully playable for all, fans have roundly criticized everyone involved for the buggy release. As spotted by PC Gamer, one user on the Star Citizen forums lambasted Cloud Imperium for updating the game on a Friday afternoon, while Redditors have posted “let me in” memes in response to the rampant login problems.

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