New 1TB Xbox Series S Comes With $100 Gift Card At Dell Right Now

The Xbox Series S is an excellent console for anyone who isn’t too concerned with 4K gaming, and right now, you can get the recently released 1TB edition with a $100 gift voucher from Dell. Originally released in a white 512GB model, this new version of the Xbox Series S bumps the storage capacity up to 1TB and gives the console a slick new coat of Carbon Black paint.

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Xbox Series S 1TB

Though it doesn’t have the pure 4K graphical horsepower of its big brother, the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S instead aims to deliver a 1080p and 1440p gaming experience that gets close to the more advanced console. It’s smaller, lightweight, and it has the same high-speed SSD technology that drastically cuts down on loading screens and allows for several games to be suspended via the Quick Resume function. It also comes with an Xbox wireless controller, so you’ll be ready to start gaming right out of the box.

Pair it with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, and you have a great little console that can access and store a surprising number of games on it. With this deal, there’s also the $100 gift voucher that you can spend in the Dell Store. You’re free to spend it on pretty much anything in the Dell Store, like an extra controller for the Series S or a high-spec gaming headset, but there are also a solid number of recently released games available as digital codes.

We checked the exclusions for promotional gift cards and didn’t see digital games listed, so it looks like you could use your gift card on a couple games once you get it.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor — $70 Street Fighter 6 — $60 Immortals of Aveum — $70 Diablo IV — $70 Dead Island 2 — $70 Dead Space — $70 Cyberpunk 2077 — $60 Resident Evil Village — $50 Resident Evil 4 — $70 WWE 2K23 — $70 Evil West — $60 Persona 5 Royal — $60 Control: Ultimate Edition — $40 Aliens: Dark Descent — $40

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