Nintendo Shows New Battle Mechanics For Super Mario RPG Remake

Mario and friends can dish out more damage in the upcoming Super Mario RPG remake thanks to some new battle mechanics. Nintendo highlighted the updates during the special September Nintendo Direct presentation.

For starters, a successfully timed attack will lead to Mario, Peach, Geno, and others to damaging all foes before them in the turn-based RPG. Hitting those enemies just right with a button press will also fill up a new action gauge. Once it hits 100%, a Triple Move can be unleashed that switches up depending on the combo of characters used. Nintendo also mentioned that the Super Mario RPG remake will feature post-game boss rematches, adding they’ll be difficult.

Super Mario RPG was originally released in 1996 for the Super Nintendo. As a partnership with Squaresoft, it was the first time that the character crossed into the RPG genre, and introduced elements like timing-based attacks that have been used throughout later Mario RPG incarnations like the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series. At the same time, Square was given freedom to craft its own original story, which meant several unique characters we haven’t seen used anywhere else.

The Mario RPG remake keeps the original’s squat art style and isometric perspective, but modernizes the visuals. The Super Mario RPG remake is coming November 17.

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