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Norse mythology-inspired RPG Viking Rise is out now on mobile

If you’re looking for a new SLG mobile game to fill up your days, the Norse mythology-based Viking Rising is your next download.

From the developer behind the popular strategy game Lords Mobile, this Viking-inspired mobile game is now available on Google Play and the App Store. Viking Rise puts you at the head of a tribe heading towards the uncharted world of Midgard. It’s on this journey you’ll explore new lands, plunder previously unheard-of villages, and grow stronger with your group, all the while engaging in myriad battles worthy of Norse folklore. Whether you want to take the fight to the land or the sea, the battle strategy is down to you.

(Image credit: IGG)

If you know your Viking history, you’ll see plenty of familiar faces across your adventure. This strategy game features plenty of famous heroes waiting to aid you on your quest—how much you devise strategies born from their power, naturally, is up to you.

There’s plenty to be enjoyed on the musical side, too. Emmy Award-winning composer Trevor Morris, who you may recognise from the historical drama television series Vikings, has put together the game’s eponymous theme song, “Viking Rise”. If you fancy listening to the song yourself, the track is available on SpotifyAmazonApple Music.

Every battle will also have the appropriate music to keep you fired up.

(Image credit: IGG)

Of course, it’s not all war and diplomacy. Between the bouts, there’s plenty of time to design your territory, from tending a rich land of resources to establishing a towering military fortress.

Word to the wise, though. You’re not the only blossoming tribe leader in Viking Rise. You’ll stumble across many other players on your journey, though it need not end in bloodshed. Alliances can be forged in hopes of protecting each other from invading opponents. If global multiplayer battles are your thing, Viking Rise isn’t one to skip.

If you find that Valhalla is calling to you, updates on Viking Rise are posted to Discord and Facebook.

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