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Phantom Blade 0 Brings Stylish Swordfighting To PS5

Phantom Blade 0, a new third-person slasher from developer S-Game, debuted as part of Sony’s latest PlayStation Showcase.

A moody, dark trailer depicts a lone swordsman with only 66 days to live on a quest to “get his heart back.” Along the way he battles a myriad of mask-wearing foes in stylish, Wuxia fashion. Phantom Blade 0’s combat looks to be the true star, with fast-and-fluid sword strikes combined with aerial acrobatics like wall-running.

Phantom Blade is an ongoing series from S-Game, who most recently worked on the Phantom Blade: Executioners for PC and mobile. Given the reveal that this new title is called Phantom Blade 0, it seems it may be a prequel to earlier entries in the franchise. No release date was given for Phantom Blade 0, but it will be coming to PlayStation 5 sometime in the future.

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