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PS5 Pro In Development, May Release In 2024 – Report

The PS5 has been out for less than three years, but a higher-spec version may already be in development. A new report from Insider Gaming claims that a hypothetical PS5 Pro is already in the works, and that Sony is targeting a late-2024 release window. Like the PS4 Pro, this PS5 Pro would have better specs than the base console, allowing for better visuals and performance.

Alongside its own unnamed sources, the report cites a recent patent filed by PlayStation console architect Mark Cerny that looks to boost the performance of ray tracing tech as a possible reason for this PS5 Pro. It also claims that the next generation of PlayStation consoles, the PS6, will not be released until at least 2028.

The report itself notes that the logic of this PS5 Pro is very much up for debate, given recent chip shortages limiting supply of the console until recently. It’s also unclear to what extent developers have pushed the limits of the existing PS5 hardware, as most PS5 games have released on the PS4 as well.

This isn’t the first time that an Insider Gaming report has claimed information about new PS5 hardware. Back in September 2022, the outlet reported that Sony was planning to release a new version of the PS5 that would feature a detachable disc drive through USB-C.

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