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Starfield subreddit surfaces Pedro Pascal movie that is like The Last of Us but with a “very Starfield-y vibe”

Needless to say, after the recent Starfield release date announcement by Bethesda bigwig Todd Howard, I’m now more excited than ever about the incoming “Skyrim in space” RPG.

But, with Starfield not releasing until September 6th this year, I like many other gamers are going to have to get our planet-exploring, resource gathering, survival RPG kicks elsewhere for a few months.

Gamers on Reddit, though, seem to have found a small solution to that wait, with a thread on the Starfield sub-reddit surfacing a movie that is described as “very Starfield-y in vibe”.

It gets better, too, as the movie also stars the so hot right now Pedro Pascal and, further still, it has a very The Last of Us father-daughter relationship at the centre of its plot. That movie? The 2018 film Prospect, which tells the story of a teenage girl and her father travelling to an alien moon with a contract to mine gems, only to encounter various dangers.

I’ve got to be honest, I hadn’t even heard of Prospect before, but I’m a fan of Pedro Pascal and really rated the surrogate father to teenage girl thing of The Last of Us, so I thought I’d dig a little deeper—especially if it will also scratch my Starfield itch a bit.

Excitingly, Prospect has a really strong 89% score on movie review score aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, with top critics full of praise for it, as well as plenty more hints toward its Stafield-y vibe.

Noel Murray of the Los Angeles Times states that, “The film balances genre thrills with a detailed depiction of prospecting on an alien world”. While Peter Debruge of Variety states that, “Prospect has one thing that most indie sci-fi movies don’t, and which any human desperately needs when traveling to unfamiliar worlds: atmosphere.”

The trailer, which can be watched below, also shows off some of those alien-world exploring vibes, too.

As such, while it is still well over four months until Starfield comes out, I’m going to follow up my viewing of Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us by watching Prospect this weekend, which will hopefully sate my desire for the game even by just a little bit.

Now, if Bethesda can just take the next four months to polish Starfield so that it isn’t a buggy mess at launch, I think all PC gamers the world over will be very happy.

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