The Nintendo Museum Will Complete Construction In March 2024

During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, the company revealed more information on the Nintendo Museum, a new gallery which will finish construction in Japan March 2024.

The museum will feature a “wide variety of products from Nintendo’s history,” and it will be constructed as part of the Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant in Kyoto. The site was built in 1969 and renovated in 1988 as a console repair facility, but it closed its doors in 2016 and has not been used since.

The Nintendo Museum

The Direct showed an architect’s rendering of what the final building will look like, as well as a giant question block painted on the roof of the building. No other information, including what will be featured in the museum, was announced during the Direct.

The Nintendo Museum was first announced in 2021, No opening date was announced, but more details will be revealed “at a later date.” The 2021 announcement said the new gallery would be used to “showcase the many products Nintendo has launched over its history, while focusing on the company’s “product development history and philosophy with the public” dating back to its origins.

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