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This Destiny 2 Dungeon Exploit Makes Farming Artifice Armor Hilariously Easy

Earning some of the best armor in Destiny 2 usually requires surviving some of its most challenging PvE content, but this week the grind is a little easier thanks to one dungeon rotating into play. Duality is available through the playlist this week, and players have discovered a new exploit that allows them to take out the first boss, Gahlran, in record time during a Master dungeon run.

Thanks to a bug with the boss, it’s now easy to lure the berserk Cabal towards a ledge, trigger him into lunging towards you, jump out of the way, and then watch him fly over the edge. Depending on your class, you can hover back to safety or use your new Strand grapple to land back on the ledge. Mop up the remaining Cabal troops, and you’ll be able to open the chest of this first encounter, which has a chance to reward you with coveted Artifice armor. You can see more in the video below from YouTuber Nodnahs.

Rinse and repeat this Looney Tunes exploit, and you’ll be able to easily farm for the gear and a few weapons as well from the treasure chest.

Artifice armor pieces include a bonus socket for equipping Artifact mods each season, making them very valuable for certain builds. Season of Defiance’s Ascendant Scepter artifact happens to have a few mods that cater very well towards Strand and Void builds, and with build-crafting having undergone a massive overhaul in Lightfall, there are some extremely powerful loadouts that you can use to take full advantage of the new subclass introduced in the expansion.

This exploit will likely be patched out soon by Bungie, so while it’s still feasible, this week is a good time to farm the Duality dungeon. Elsewhere in Destiny 2, Bungie is lowering the number of Commendations points needed to climb through the Guardian ranks, new Seasonal Objectives are now live, and the Root of Nightmares raid got off to a successful start this month.

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