You Can Not Pet The Cat In Lies Of P

There is a cat in upcoming Souls-like Lies of P and you cannot pet it. But it’s not exactly because petting is not a feature. It’s because the cat won’t let you pet it.

In a post on Twitter/X from PlayStation UK, a video shows the titular P reaching out to pet a cat on a table. As his hand gets closer, the cat hisses. Surprised, P pulls back his hand and the cat hisses again. Lies of P has a central safe hub where you can meet characters, upgrade weapons, and recuperate before heading out into a hostile world. Like in Dark Souls though, not all the NPCs you will encounter there are friendly.

Yes you can pet the cat in Lies of P… oh wait nevermind

— PlayStation UK (@PlayStationUK) September 14, 2023

Unlike other Souls games however, Lies of P has an element of social choice, where P can lie or tell the truth to affect the story. Perhaps it will be possible to win over this hostile cat, but you’ll have to play the game to find out. Even if the cat grows to tolerate you, that certainly doesn’t mean you can pet it.

Reviews of Lies of P dropped recently and the reception has been largely positive. In GameSpot’s Lies of P review, reviewer Richard Wakeling said, “Bloodborne is still a clear inspiration, as its tonal atmosphere and combat design call to mind the cosmic horror masterpiece, leading to it feeling overly derivative at times. Still, Neowiz also implements just enough originality for Lies of P to eke out its own identity, even if it’s as thin as a puppet string.” Lies of P releases on September 19, 2023. It launches simultaneously on Game Pass.

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