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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – How To Get To The Necluda Sky Island Shrine

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sports plenty of puzzle-based shrines, but you’ll also occasionally run across combat challenges. Yansamin Shrine–found high in the sky within a well-fortified location–is one such shrine. But this one has a twist–you’ve got to do it all in zero gravity. Here’s how to find the shrine, as well as some tips for how to clear it of enemies.

How to find Yansamin Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The first step to reaching Yansamin Shrine is to ensure you have a piece of Zora’s Armor equipped so that you can swim up waterfalls, then fast travel back to Gutanbac Shrine on Great Sky Island. This is where you started the game, so it will inevitably be unlocked for you already.

From the shrine, head to the far east side of the island and gaze out to see Zonaite Forge Island in the distance. It’s going to be quite a trek to get there, so make sure you have some stamina-refilling food for long trips (or at least three full bars of stamina). It also helps to use Tulin’s gust if you have him unlocked.

Zonaite Forge Island

Jump out in the direction of Zonaite Forge Island and aim yourself just a bit left of it. Keep gliding until you see a waterfall coming from a small island. Swim up the waterfall and land on the island here. You’ll spot a construct enemy ahead, so defeat it and attach the two rockets to this platform in such a way that you’ll blast forward and up at the same time, then hit them to do exactly that.

Align the rockets to take you forward and up at the same time.

When you’ve reached a high enough altitude, you should be able to simply glide on over to Zonaite Forge Island. Interact with the green glyph here to start some gusts of wind to your right, then ride them all the way to the top of the island. Up here you’ll find a way to drop inside, but note that there are dozens of lasers within.

Alternate between gliding and falling to get past these lasers.

Drop inside this hole and dodge the lasers all the way down by alternating between gliding and falling. If you get hit by a laser, the pathway will be gated off, meaning you’ll need to glide back outside and try again. When you reach the bottom, though, you’ll find Yansamin Shrine ready to be tackled.

How to solve the Yansamin Shrine Puzzle in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Yansaman Shrine is a proving ground challenge, which means that you’ll be stripped of all of your items and forced to scavenge and cobble together weapons to defeat all of the enemies within. You’ll find the first low-grade items of the shrine to your left upon entering, so pick those up first.

Tackling things from the top down can be a solid approach here.

Use those items to tackle the first few construct baddies on the lower floors, then fuse a spike ball to a long poking weapon if possible. Meanwhile, fuse a rocket to one of the clubs you’ve obtained. These two melee weapons should get you through the entire run with ease.

While there’s no set order you need to take enemies out in this shrine, you may find it easier to get to the top and work your way down, allowing you to pick enemies off with a bow before engaging their comrades. After clearing the aforementioned enemies on the lower floors, fuse a rocket onto your shield and blast your way up to the top of the room. You can then look for a square rock surface you can break, which will grant you a pathway back to the top via an ejector below should you happen to fall off.

After clearing away the rock flooring, you can easily get back up top from the ejector below if you fall down.

Starting from the top, you should use the bow you’ve likely found to pop enemies in the head below you for critical hits. A few well-placed shots should take down one or two of these opponents before you run out of arrows. From here, it’s simply a matter of going down floor by floor and engaging the enemies in melee combat–preferably keeping them at range with that long spike ball-fused stick if possible.

When you’ve finally destroyed the last construct, you’ll be able to enter the final room where you’ll find a chest with a Large Zonaite and be able to obtain the Light of Blessing so that you can leave the shrine.

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