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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – Turakamik Shrine Puzzle Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features an overwhelming amount of puzzles and systems throughout. One of the puzzles you will come across is the Turakamik Shrine, which is located next to the Gerudo Canyon Stable in the southwest of Hyrule. This shrine features the “Hidden Metal” puzzle, which requires you to connect objects to pass electricity through.

How to solve the Turakamik Shrine Puzzle in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In the first room of the shrine you will be presented with a battery connected to a hanging metal ball, next to another metal ball, which is connected to a large cog, which you need to use to reach the next part of the shrine.

Use Ultrahand to connect the metal balls, sending a current to the big cog.

Use Ultrahand to grab the charged metal ball and fuse it to the other metal ball, causing electricity to charge the big cog, solving the first puzzle. On the ledge above the cog, you will find two more metal balls, one charged, one not.

The solution is the same as the previous section, but you will need to swing the balls so they reach each other.

Apply the same solution for this section: Use Ultrahand to connect the balls and fuse them to cause power to flow through. The chains in this section are a bit short, so you will need to use Ultrahand to make one swing before switching to the other and connecting them. This will cause platforms to come out of the wall above you, which you can Ascend up through. This brings you to the final section, where there is one final electrified ball on the right next to two metal poles, which connect to the final door. Before doing that, the optional chest is located above the big cog wheel to the left. To reach it, use Recall on the big cog to reach the top.

Electricity in Tears of the Kingdom will automatically charge any metal, including this metal rod.

After doing that, grab the metal ball and wrap it around the closest metal pole to charge it. Head over to the big cog and grab the metal bar between the two smaller cogs. Take the metal pole and rest it on top of the two metal poles, which will power the final door of the shrine.

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